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Because You Deserve to Be Funded

Since 2013, Community Living Assistance Support Services has been helping mentally-disabled individuals receive Social Security funds. Our payee representatives also serve individuals who need assistance with money management and monthly bills.

What to Expect

Once our clients have received funding, we will distribute them into our collective bank account. We first make sure their necessities (i.e. rent, electricity, gas, water, etc.) are fully paid. After that, we give them a weekly allowance for recreational purposes. That way, they have funds for the rest of the month.

Management of Social Security Benefits Include:

  • Housing
  • Medical and Dental Expenses
  • Food
  • Personal Care Items
  • Clothing
  • Rehabilitation Expenses (If Needed)

After all current expenses are paid; the remaining funds may be used to:

  • Pay Past Due Bills
  • Support Dependents
  • Provide Entertainment
  • Increase Savings

Downloadable Content

CLASS Client Handbook

New Client Information Sheet

Release of Information Form

Physicians Statement Release

For inquiries, please call us today at 216-510-4845. We look forward to bringing you where you need to be!

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